Enterprise Performance Management

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) (or Corporate Performance Management (CPM) or Business Performance Management (BPM) or Performance Management (PM)) consists of a set of processes that help organisations optimise their enterprise performance.

It provides a framework for organising, automating and analysing business methodologies, metrics, processes and systems that drive business performance.  EPM helps businesses make efficient use of their financial, human, material and other resources.  In the past, as management have sought to drive strategy down and across their organisations, they have struggled to transform strategies into actionable metrics and they have grappled with meaningful analysis to expose the cause-and-effect relationships that, if understood, could give profitable insight to their operational decision-makers.  Enterprise Performance Management software and methods allow a systematic, integrated approach that links enterprise strategy to core processes and activities. "Running by the numbers" now means something: planning, budgeting, analysis, consolidation and reporting can give the measurements that empower management decisions.

Effective EPM delivers information quickly to support business goals; provide visibility into the business; and ensure agility and the ability of the business to respond to change

CopperMan Consulting has tried and tested methodologies that help our clients successfully implement EPM. Our team comprises consultants with the right skills to help deliver these projects – business, accounting, technical and project management.

Fast delivery of information

No matter how good the software, if business and IT are not aligned, information will not be available to the right people at the right time and in the right format.

We'll ensure you have the right team from the outset and that your people are trained to deal with the information and that it is delivered in time cycles that are relevant to your business to the right people in timeframes that are useful to them and relevant to the business as a whole.

Our consultants have technical and financial skills and have done these projects many times over and are well placed to help you successfully deliver your project and avoid common pitfalls.


EPM offers opportunity to slice and dice information according to your business needs and make it immediately available to the organisation
We'll help you define your requirements and processes so you optimise your strategic and operational performance goals.

Agility and responsiveness

Successful businesses are able to respond to changes in the economic and financial environment in which they operate.

We'll not only set you up for better performance management but train up your people and make sure that they can extend and enhance the software in response to changes in the operating environment and business goals going forward.


Easy BPC

CopperMan consultants can engage at every stage in a BPC project or be involved in most kinds of post-go-live support.

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